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[18 Apr 2004|02:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Name: George
Birthday: 9/8/86
Sign: Virgo
Where you live: New Jersey
Bands: Brand New, The Cure, No Doubt, AFI, Elton John, Billy Joel,etc.
a) Lyrically: Billy Joel and The Cure
b) Musically: No Doubt and AFI
Books: Hamlit, The Art Spirit, Degas, etc.
Authors: Robert Henri, Robert Gordon, H.G. Wells, Shakespeare, Anna Rice, etc.
Movies: Rockies, Mall Rats, Only You, X-Men,etc.
Directors: Mel Gibson, ...(can't think of any off the top of my head)
Actors: Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Marissa Tomei
Artists (painters, inkers, etc.): Degas, Nelson Shanks, Rimbrandt, ect.
Name 3 characteristics about your self: Nonchalant, Sarcastic, Funny
Your interests in art: I wish to become a painter in the fine arts
(A picture of your self and a work of yours)

My Picture Is in the Info of This Community




The pictures that remain wedged in the flipside of my mind; Are not merely vacant memories, but little keepsakes of what you and I once were. A link that confided in one another, that understood one another; we were each other’s Advocate, we had a lovers bond. It was love for sure, but fate would say”, nothing more.”


We loved each other when we did not know how too. We loved each other when love was so far in to us. Now, I see that we were not links but yet perhaps crutches for one another to lean on. You to me were like the rain; full and light, a breath of liquid air that cleansed me from my sins, as the rain cleanses the Earth from the filth of humanity.


Now look at us; too far apart. The keepsakes that remain in my mind are nothing more but lies, for I know longer know the figures that were preserved. From a woman to a whore and from a jerk to a father; no longer will I confine in that shallow smile. Thank you I say for you and you alone taught me the truth that…


 Looks people can just be skin deep.

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