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Name: Emily
Birthday: November 6th, 1985 which makes me 18.
Sign: Scorpio.
Where you live: Killtop.
Bands: Modest Mouse, AFI, Saves The Day, Taking Back Sunday &&& BRAND NEW.
a) Lyrically: AFI.
b) Musically: eeeh. I donno.
Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower &&&&& Cages.
Authors: maybe John Grisham.
Movies: Remember the Titans, Dazed & Confused, MatchStick Men, The Goonies, Tommy Boy, Pretty Woman, 10 things I hate about you. A WALK TO REMEMBER.
Directors: uuuuuuuhm. I cant think of any besides Mel Gibson, maybe Kevin Smith ?
Actors: JOHN TRAVOLTA. yuuuuum.
Artists (painters, inkers, etc.): George Ramos.
Name 3 characteristics about your self: emotional, outgoing & sarcastic.
Your interests in art: you baby. ;x syke i guess photography. and music. and tattoos. and peircings.

I can't forget her hands on you, I can't forget the words you said.
I can't forget her loving you, & i cant forget the pain she caused
I hate you for loving her though she broke your heart.
I hate the dumb poems you write about her, even though it wasnt your fault.
I hate how you had your hands on her, I hated the look in your eyes
I swore to myself I would never love you, you were blinded by her disguise.
I tried to be your friend, I tried to see you through,
You turned your back on us, and it showed me the truth.
I guess I won't ever understand, I dont want to try anymore
I love you more than i hate you, but in a loving kinda way.
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aww emma thats good.. even though im going to get beat up for commenting in a community im not a part of<3

Your in Because how can I say no...(lol)
Also, I haven't gotten a chance to change the stamps so just look pass it for now.
How is it that I have not had one comment still...Even though people are joining now.